The fastest platform to create enterprise apps at scale.

We build high-performance, process-oriented web-apps that leverage our expertise in the AngularJS development services. BlazeDream provides dynamic online experience for web, cloud and mobile platforms.

  • Enterprise Solution

    To reach newer heights in this competitive world, we exploit the exceptional extensibility feature of AngularJS to deploy apps that can efficiently cater your complex business needs.

  • Test-Driven

    Our development team employs the Document Object Model methodology of AngularJS for improved testability of applications incorporating complex number of components and requirements.

  • Scalable

    We hold expertise in delivering highly-scalable applications that empower quicker turnaround time and meager maintenance services.

  • Single Page Application

    Our experts acquainted in app development deliver AngularJs powered single page applications that provide better UX and dynamic data loading.

Our AngularJS Development Services

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Data Analysis
  • Interactive Single Page Apps Development
  • Learning Platforms
  • Real-Time & Interactive Maps
  • E-commerce and Social Networking Platforms
  • Customized AngularJS Development with server side technologies support
  • Optimization and Maintenance Support

Our Dedicated AngularJS Team

We blend our expertise with result-driven methodologies to deliver easy-to-use Interface.

BlazeDream’s AngularJS Development experts deploy highly expressive web applications with the best open source application framework, AngularJS. They integrate AngularJS with other suitable technologies to deliver solutions that are quite easy to test and maintain.

Our huge expertise in vertical domains have helped our top-notch developers to deliver solutions embedded with technological advancements and sophisticated features.

  • Proven expertise in AngularJS platform and other technologies
  • Prescreening of team members
  • Highly flexible for delivering high quality apps in time
  • Capable to handle on-demand issues
  • Enhanced development efficiency
  • Full time support
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