Extend your business beyond the horizon.

Being a market leader, we are dedicated to fulfill the need of dedicated resources with our transparent working culture & highly skilled resources.

We have highly skilled resources with distinct set of qualifications specialized to deal with your development needs. In this modern era, a new revolution is pervasive in the outsourcing world, “Dedicated Hiring”.

Here you can hire our dedicated Resources India as per your project requirements and they will work exclusively as your own employee. We will help you to interview our employees over the phone or Skype to make sure there are no problems in the interaction between you and our team during the interview process.

Even though, they are our employees legally, operationally they will be treated as your employees in every other aspect. We give you the liberty to manage all the technical resources and manpower as per your preferences. In our experience, this helps in creating a true collaborative environment where both parties invest in each other’s success.

While hiring our dedicated resources, you can also have control on status reporting, work allocation, monitoring and analysis. We have simple and smart procedures to get you the best team that gives the best result.

We have simple and smart procedures to get you the best team that gives the best result. To know more about how we build & maintain an exclusive offshore team for you, get in touch with us now.

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    The advantages you can achieve through BlazeDream’s services are unmatchable, as we help you build topnotch development center at excitingly affordable costs. Build, Lead and Triumph with a dedicated offshore resource team from us. Using our “offshore center as a service” model, our clients have realized the following benefits in the areas of operations, team dynamics, quality, cost, culture, communication, management and support.

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    Streamlined Operations

    Complete control over operations using dedicated resources.

    • Easy to implement “follow the sun” model.
    • Flexible operational .
    • Fully scalable and adaptable model.
    • Total transparency in operations.
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    Low Cost

    The costing of an in-house development team is substantially greater in comparison with a remote one.

    • Hassle-free, zero cost offshore center establishment.
    • Transparent costs even up to employee compensation.
    • Cost effective solutions from our development center.
    • Up to 60% cost savings when compared to current offshore costs.
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    100% Dedicated Team

    • Full life-cycle recruitment support to hire the right candidates to fit your exact needs.
    • Availability of resources hard to find locally.
    • Low employee attrition.
    • A team that is encouraged and equipped to innovate and contribute to the success of your business.
    • Employees with several years of experience in working directly with international (UK, US & EU, Middle East & Australia) clients..
    • Our Digital Marketing Agency India formulates powerful marketing strategies that help you widen your brand images.


We recognize quality is a by-product of people and processes. Process is something that can be put in place, managed and controlled.

We hire the right resources that match your exact requirements, understand your business and have crystal clear communication skills.

We have created a unique model based on this core principle to achieve the best results and ultimately your success in every project.

Our commitment to cross-cultural success

Our team works with you and your dedicated team to furnish about the cultural differences at both ends. We offer certain frameworks to identify issues pro-actively and guide them through the resolution process.


We help you and your team members set the right expectations from the start by giving an accurate picture of communication skills and style at an individual level. We equip our clients with a framework to make sure that all messages, spoken and unspoken, are understood and agreed by both parties so that there is less ambiguity. And the whole process starts with helping our clients hire individuals with excellent communication skills.

Hands-free management

You will have complete control and management power over your dedicated resources. Our engagement model allows you to treat and manage our resources as if they are your own employees and eliminating the difficulty of having employees in offshore. We help you to get to know each individual team members so that your success is a collaborative effort. This leads to a long-term successful relationship between you and your team.

We support you & your business

We understand you and your team members’ needs and will ensure that your goals are met. With our experience and knowledge we support your business. The level of service and commitment is an advantage that most small businesses as well as large corporations could never afford!

It is just one of the many ways we empower you to succeed!

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