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HTML5 Application

We’re committed to deliver innovative mobile apps.

HTML5 mobile app development is a recent trend worldwide. Our developers provide specialized services in latest web technologies, fulfilling client's need by using market's trends.

We help your business gain an elegant and modern web presence by creating rich internet applications like Flash and Java FX.

Our qualified team of professionals stays ahead of the ever-evolving web technology to give our clients more flexibility. Html5 revolutionizes the browsing experience of users. BlazeDream designs and develops multi platform apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to create web apps and native mobile apps . HTML5 provide users with the experience of a native app at a significantly lower development cost and delivery time.

At BlazeDream, we offer the following HTML5 Services:

  • An app like experience in browser interface.

    Support for multiple platforms.

    Navigation with collapsible menus.

    No app store restrictions.

  • Support for audio & video streaming

    Support for geo-location services.

    High resolution imagery on a small screen.

    No add-on requirements for multimedia streaming.

  • Online app cache for offline browsing.

    Affordable development costs.

    Normalizing codes for improved sematic value of webpage.

Our dedicated mobile experts

Reduce your overhead expenses without compromising on the quality by hiring our dedicated mobile app developers.

Our professional experts utilize result-driven methodologies to deploy state-of-the-art mobile applications. Hire our top notch development team for an extended period to uplift your projects efficiency by eluding the operational costs.

  • Freedom to choose your team with Pre-screening Feature
  • Knowledge of third party API and library.
  • Complete control over the team and work
  • Strong knowledge on latest mobile technologies.
  • Customer-centric models for quick deployment of projects
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