Largest producer of ethical man made diamonds in the world.

Project - Online Portal

An exclusive online portal integrated with the existing ERP system to collaborate with vendors across the globe accompanied by automated transactions to reduce manual errors.

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A United States based diamond merchant has sprung up to provide pure, gem-quality diamonds to merchants and customers across horizons. With several decades of excellence in man-made diamond industry, the leading diamond merchant has been delivering exceptional diamonds made in modern lab environment.

Backed by a dexterous team of hard-working diamond growers and cutters, the diamond merchant is highly exalted when it comes to the quality. Each and every diamond produced by them is of sufficient quality and thus certified and graded by third-party institutions including International Gemological Laboratories and also tested and certified at other leading labs situated in USA and Dubai. Their diamonds have the exact structure and chemical composition as mined diamonds.


Controlling the sale and distribution of their products in the diamond market was a great obstacle due to the absence of automated transactions in their end. Further their legacy ERP system also encountered a drop in the productivity levels due to increase in the manual errors of day-to-day transactions.

There was no system available to reserve precious, high-quality stones for the Elite vendors and retailers. Thus both Affiliate and Elite customers had the authentication to view their complete database on their website simultaneously.

Due to the presence of legacy ERP system and lack of integration with online portal,the orders placed by the customers were unknown and refund of products was initiated due to the unavailability of products. They were persistently confronted with dilemmas regarding the product availability in their warehouse.

The diamond merchant demanded us to create a system that enabled their retailers and wholesalers to feasibly set margin costs for the diamonds purchased from them.

We are glad that we chose BlazeDream for updating our website with latest features and design. Our new website and the integration with the ERP system has increased our efficiency tremendously.


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