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Social Media Marketing

Widen your brand exposure with BlazeDream.

We leverage the power of Social Media to elevate your brand exposure and conversion rates. BlazeDream develops a unique strategy tailored to expand your reach.

Our Process

  • Strategy-image


    We plan and execute productive campaigns across wide range of social media channels to propagate your brand.

  • Advertising-image


    Undertake holistic social media strategies to run effective advertisements in various social media channels to broaden your customer reach.

  • Monitoring-image


    BlazeDream implements social media tools to track the progress and engagement of the ad campaigns in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Promotion-image


    We track down your promotion’s reach, traffic, conversions and engagement to help you to visualize your target market.

SMM for Developing your Goals

  • Elevates communication with your targeted audience
  • Raises brand awareness
  • Creates your Brand Identity
  • Augments your web traffic
  • Efficiently builds conversion rates




It all begins with the keyword research! We incorporate these comprehensive collection of keywords researched for your product into productive marketing campaign.



Our top notch designers create a variety of content by implementing infographics, videos, social media images and write-ups to promote your online marketing.



We adopt blogging as a vital social media marketing tool, where we update things pertaining to your recent events, product launch and other efforts to the crowd around you.



Yet another approach we implement to gain your customers is via ‘Linking’. We link your original contents to outside sources to ensure your valuable information reaches the targeted audience.



Our digital marketers use a variety of social media marketing techniques to measure your success rate. Thereby we determine those strategies that work and those that needs to be abandoned for expanding your brand exposure.

We cover the following verticals in SMM...

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