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Integrating sophisticated technologies for the future

We leverage your business by integrating applications to simplify the complexities of operational overheads

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App. Integration / Web Service

To keep up with the fast growing techno world, it is crucial that the organizations have the dexterity to quickly adapt to the changes in the market. Today many organizations are constantly implementing new technologies, which combat the issue along with operational overheads and enterprise level complexities.

We embrace the practice of utilizing specific middleware technologies for our application integration methodologies to enable integration of legacy systems, latest technologies and cross platform applications for delivering highly agile and flexible solutions. Applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Systems, Supply Chain Management and Identity Management can be significantly integrated to simplify and automate your business processes efficiently.

Application Integration Services

  • Custom Middleware Development

  • Custom API Integration

  • Customization of existing applications to enable integration

  • Integration Testing Strategies

  • Business Process Management and Monitoring

  • Maintenance of Integrated Applications

Our Seamless Integration Solutions

You can seamlessly manage our integration solutions from anywhere and also get benefitted from meager operational expenditures. Streamline your existing infrastructure by adopting Integration Platform-as-a-Service to optimize your resources and lend your focus on business development. Depending on your organizations requirements, BlazeDream hand-picks the best integration techniques which ensures to reduce maintenance cost and return on investment.

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