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BlazeDream is one of the leading eCommerce web design and web development companies in India that specializes in eCommerce website design and development. Our team consists of the best eCommerce web developers and web design experts who focus on bringing our clients’ ideas to life by giving unparalleled user experience and we give a business website the ability to engage in secure transactions. BlazeDream is a pioneer eCommerce web development company in India that builds an eCommerce app and a website from scratch.

We develop scalable software solutions for any operating system, browser, and device. We bring together deep industry expertise and the latest IT advancements to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs of end-users. We are client-centric to the bone.

We nail it when it comes to dealing with different wings of Ecommerce like B2C e-commerce websites, B2B e-commerce websites, C2B e-commerce websites, and C2C e-commerce websites. We are the best eCommerce web design and development service provider in India.


Types of Ecommerce solutions we provide:


B2C eCommerce (Business to Consumer)

B2C eCommerce is a type of eCommerce where Businesses sell their products to Consumers. It allows companies to manage all transactions related to the online sale of products or services. Example – Starbucks, Walmart. B2C eCommerce model is familiar among all internet users. When you buy an item online or book a service online, it is B2C in action. The convenience of online shopping is appreciated by consumers as it makes it easy for them to purchase clothing, electronics, media subscriptions, services, etc at the convenience of their home and with a click of a button.

All of us witnessed an explosion of B2C online eCommerce during the recent pandemic when billions of people changed their traditional shopping behaviour and began to buy food, clothing, entertainment subscriptions, book services, and doctor appointments online. At BlazeDream our team of experts can help you build one of the best B2B e-Commerce websites.


B2B eCommerce (Business to Business)

B2B e-commerce is a type of e-commerce where businesses sell their products to other manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies. Businesses like these provide the services that other businesses need to grow. Example Primera, Dermalogica. B2B eCommerce not only allows businesses to sell their goods online to a wider audience but also helps open doors to new markets. It boosts employee productivity and encourages existing consumers to buy more. B2B companies with eCommerce skills beat their competitors when it comes to efficiency, and demand more from their suppliers. Some of the key elements of a business, like order input and customer support, can now be done online with the latest technology.

If the numerous procedures can be automated and simplified, your Company may save money while the efficiency of operations is improved. If data is centralized and web catalogues are made available online, you may reach out to additional clients. We have a huge of experience in building B2B e-Commerce websites. At BlazeDream our team of experts can help you build one of the best B2B e-Commerce websites.


C2B eCommerce (Consumer-to-Business)

This type of E-Commerce consumers sell products or services to businesses, as opposed to the traditional business-to-consumer model. Example - a photographer, consultant, or freelancer wanting to start your C2B online business. In C2B business, there are three different game-changers, customers, business, and intermediary.

Here, a Customer is an individual who offers goods or services, businesses purchase goods or services from individuals directly or indirectly for profit and an intermediary is a portal or medium that connects and is used by both businesses and individuals. At BlazeDream our team of experts can help you build one of the best C2B e-Commerce websites.


C2C e-commerce (Consumer to Consumer)

This type of E-commerce involves the sale of goods or services from one consumer to another consumer. It includes sites for buying and selling old items. Example OLX, eBay. In this model, both the sellers and buyers pay a small fee or commission in order to find each other. Starting a C2C eCommerce store ensures huge profits, more savings, increased customer base, and convenience for both parties.

The best platform for building a C2C eCommerce website is SwiftKart which has many powerful features, it has a quick turnaround, low cost, and high scalability. At BlazeDream our team of experts can help you build one of the best C2C e-Commerce websites.


Ecommerce Frontend Design and Development

Front-end design and development involve those aspects of programming that the user/client can see and interact with. A frontend developer builds the User Interface and User Experience and brings those designs to life and provides a structure needed for feasible working. The front end is that part of your website that shoppers interact with directly and it includes features like fonts, colors, drop-down menus, image sliders, shopping carts, search bars, and product detail pages. Our eCommerce front-end designers are a team of passionate professionals who are creative to the niche. We develop, aesthetically pleasing designs.

At Blazedream, we have a team of professionals who are experts in the latest front-end development technologies like Html design, CSS design, JavaScript design, jQuery design, and angular JS design.


Ecommerce Backend Design and Development

Backend development involves the other aspects of programming which are faced by the server/programmer and are responsible for the smooth functioning of the platform from behind the scenes. It is the data access layer. It holds products, customer information, and orders. Backend processes, stores, and transfers data to and from the front end while customers interact. The components of backend components that make this interaction possible are the web server, application server, and database. It makes it possible for the customers to view products, place orders, and manage their purchases using their own devices. BlazeDream has a separate team dedicated to database design who have expertise in eCommerce database design.

At Blaze dream, we have a panel of experts who specialize in e-commerce back-end designing, e-commerce back-end development, e-commerce PHP website development, e-commerce PHP design, e-commerce framework design, and e-commerce database design.


Ecommerce Web Development Frameworks

An e-commerce framework refers to the type of software used to build your e-commerce store. It is flexible enough to adapt to specific requirements. They are suitable for building all kinds of eCommerce applications and shops. An eCommerce framework consists of reusable components. They provide an overall structure for eCommmerce-related applications. There are many eCommerce frameworks in the market but before selecting the best one for your business, we should identify your business needs, consider your budget, consider scalability and future growth, and make sure there is customer support.

At Blazedream, our experts are specialized in e-commerce web development, e-commerce application development, PHP-based e-commerce web development framework, e-commerce web application architecture, and eCommerce web design. We suggest the perfect framework like Laravel, Angular JS, and React.js based on your business needs.


The cost of developing a new website will largely depend on your business requirements of the design and features. It will be decided after a proper understanding of your business requirements.
Of course, Yes! Our User Interface design team will review the layout of your current website and provide suggestions.
Yes, but changes in design or features will add be an additional cost.
Yes, We do provide regular website maintenance and support services but on at a minimal cost.
Like we already said, we are client centric to the bone but the design suggestions from our end will be provided in the initial stage before the development work starts by our design team.

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