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To enrich the existing ERP that allows the company to gather insights about the on-going processes, views and preferences thereby informing future decisions and also to create an application at a large range that can handle volume of users.

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A leading manufacturer of air conditioning equipment across the globe. Our Client, a subsidiary of Air Conditioning Industries Limited, Japan is a world leading manufacturer of commercial and residential air conditioning systems. They provide a wide range of high-quality air conditioning systems for several establishments across the nation. They are experts in the areas of air purification, humidification and energy saving.


We were tasked with enhancing the existing application and improving the usability issues. A large and resilient database was one critical requirement. Another was that the site should be easy-to-load, even when experiencing heavy traffic. So, we focused on enhancing the existing ERP that can handle thousands of users at one time by refining the response time optimization.

We approached BlazeDream to fix our website issues and update the existing website with latest technologies. The team was very committed in providing us with the best solutions for all our digital problems.

Muthu Ramalingam

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